Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1 Month Anniversary.

I've been married for a month. How fast is that?!
The most common question I've been asked recently is "So, how's married life?"
Really, there's no difference. We're still us and we still treat each other the same. It could be because we started our relationship already knowing that we wanted to be married to each other.
The past one month has been a total whirlwind! 10 months of planning which culminated in 3 weddings over 1 week. Right after the final wedding, we flew off to the Gold Coast for almost 2 weeks. We got back and started work the next day.
It was mad!
I know I've so much to blog about - the weddings, the honeymoon, starting work etc....
But I'm still in the office now. Working.
But I promise to blog about the events thats happened in the last one mont ASAP.
I'll back date them.
Till then!


Xylia said...

Waiting for wedding pics and fairy wings!

Bubbles said...

I know .... so sorry. This weekend is a long weekend and even tho I gotta work, I'll post up a few first. :)

Ru said...

Hey girl!

Congratulations on your wedding. Love the pictures on FB. :)

Mirebella said...

Hows things going ? Settling down as a married women now? :))

Mirebella said...

Hows things going ? Settling down as a married women now? :))

Bubbles said...

Hi Ru! Thanks!

Mirabella! Marriage life is no diff from before marriage. Hahaha! But now that I've started work again, it's taking all the time I have. Sapping me of sleep, TV time, reading time and blogging time too!

I know I'm supposed to post up pics from the wedding. Can u believe it's been almost 2 months? Gosh!

And the honeymoon in Gold Coast was amazing. Will post up pic of that too ..... eventually .....