Monday, December 15, 2008

My Wedding Website

I know I'm supposed to blog about the wedding.

But in the last 58 days since I've been married, I've been away for the honeymoon then came back and started a new job. Then I've been working working working. And when I'm not working, I'm either sleeping, running errands or moving house. It's been mad!

But I know it's something I have to do as soon as I can.

So for those who have been waiting for updates, I'm so so sorry.

In the meantime, how about checking out my wedding website?

Info on the wedidng can be found there, along with lotsa photo galleries, including the ones from the fairy wedding.

I will post about the wedding soon over here. Just as soon as I'm able to get out of the office, get something to eat, do the laundry, do the banking, move house, unpack and get some sleep .......


oddey said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely wedding photos. Everything looks fantastic, especially your fairy wedding, all your dresses look stunning...I like you pre shoot dress the best. Is that a forest cake with the gold fishes? If it is, it is really cool!

Time flies doesn't it? I been married now for 3 wait forever for the day but everything else that happens after goes so quickly. We had bad weather unfortunately on our day and there were a few disruptions which you can read on the blog then a few things happened and I still don't have the mood to write about the wedding. Once I got my pictures back I felt better though and am starting to think about the day fondly. If I did one thing right for the wedding, it was to pick our photographer Antony who did a splendid job photologging the day. You can peruse our wedding album on

hope to read soon about your wedding and honeymoon. Incidently I haven't gone on mine yet..It may be to Queensland as well

Tim said...

Your wedding website looks great. Looks like you had a very special wedding. It must be great to have a website where you can share your special day with all of your friends and family.

I hope you had a great honeymoon!