Friday, February 13, 2009

Too Tired to Go For A Holiday ..... But Went For One Anyway

About 3 weeks ago, I blogged that I was too tired for a holiday.

But after looking at my condition, Paul said we just had to go.

It was also my belated birthday present, which by the way happened on 1st Feb but I didn't have time to blog about it. The past few posts will explain why.

I should blog about my birthday. Hmmm ... okay, later.

So last weekend, during the long weekend due to Thaipusam, Paul and I took off to Penang and checked into the G Hotel. It's the newest hotel along Gurney Drive. It's chic and modern. It maintains an air of classiness without the usual hotel stuffiness.

I slept (a lot!) and went shopping just next door in Gurney Plaza and bought 3 pairs of shoes in this place called Shoe Point which had nice shoes and most importantly, not available in KL. Im sick of shopping in Vincci and Nose and seeing another girl wear the same shoe the next day.

Ah, shoes! That's still a passion of mine and that makes me happy. Will post a pic of the new shoes later. They're prussion blue, canary yellow and pale gold!

We met one of Paul's friends and we did what Penang was famous for - eat. We went to a hawker centre and ordered char kway teow, tom yum soup, corn, muah chee, chicken wings, fried noodles, BBQ fish and more. Unfortunately, the food just wasn't that great. Not up to par to what I remember Penang's food as being anyway. What happened? Paul thinks the best hawkers moved to KL.

We also spent an afternoon at the pool side, driving around and I went to the spa too.

All in all, a nice restful lil getaway. It was a nice 3 days.

Unfortunately the first day at work after the holiday negated all the therapeutic qualities of the holiday.

I'm still in the office now. I better go innit?

It's the even of Valentine's Day too! But there goes our dinner plans.

Have a good Valentine's Day everyone.

Wishing you lots of love, hugs and kisses.

Promise I'll blog more and more often but for now, I better get back to my hubby. Toodles!


Anonymous said...

This isn't the bubbles of before. This bubbles sounds despondent and defeated. Whatever it is you're doing at work, it seems to be sucking the life out of you.But I'm sure you"ll rebound.:)

Bubbles said...

Despondent and deafeated ... yes ... those are 2 words I truly feel in the last few months and it's totally eating me up inside. U r not the only one to comment that I've no more life in me. People can see it and I can feel it. And I hate it. This cannot go on.

Need to summon up the energy to change my mindset about this situation or take myself out of it completely.

I need to do this. For my sake. And the sake of everyone else around me.

I'm getting everyone down and that's just not what Bubbles does.

Thanks for the encouragement! I really need it.

dreamer said...

Hugs... it can only get better Bubs

Bubbles said...

I sure hope so Lucid Dreamer!

When are we meeting up?

Need to compare notes on how sucky the industry really is. And and to finally exchange Christmas presents. Hahaha!