Friday, May 11, 2007

Bubbles Wants to Be In the Sun

After being away on (almost 3 weeks with gaps in between) of holidays in the Middle East and in Redang, it ain’t no fun being back at work. Especially when I don’t have a tan to show for the time I spent in the dessert and on the beach!

Thank goodness it’s Friday and I have the weekend to chill. Prob go to the pool and pretend I’m still on holiday far far away.

What may also help is to spritz myself with Escada Sunset Heat. After Paul and I landed at KLIA after Redang, we went shopping in the duty free shops. After spraying, smelling, rubbing and touching various products, Paul finally settled on Biotherm face wash & moisturizer and 2 colognes. And THREE perfumes for me which included Escada Sunset Heat, Bvlgari’s latest Omnia Amethyste and a perfume he’s been hunting down for ages but is on the verge of being discontinued around the world – Bvlgary Petits Et Mamans. How interesting! It’s a perfume for mothers and babies! Hmmm …. Guess will store that in a cool, dark place till it’s time for me to use it. Kekeke!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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