Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How Do You Find a Lost Mobile Phone on Silent Mode?

I have 2 mobile phones – one for work and one for play.

My last memory of my work phone was when I received a call on it after work on Friday. This was after Paul and I parked the car and were walking back to his place.

On Saturday, I realized that I didn’t have it with me. But I figured that it’s the work phone anyway and I don’t carry it around on weekends.

So come Monday, I was looking for it to bring to work but I couldn’t find it! So I went back home during lunch to find it. Maybe I brought it back home after dinner at Paul’s. But it wasn’t there. So I went back to work without it.

At night, I told Paul and we went back to my place to search but to no avail. We then searched his house. Then my car. And his car and then back to my house. And then back to his car.

What do u do when u can’t find your phone? Call it and trace the location of the ringing right?

We tried calling it and it did ring but we could not hear it ring so I figured that it was on silent mode. We tried calling again (in his house, my house, has car and my car) while keeping totally quiet in hopes of hearing it vibrate instead.

But no vibrating sound!

Could it be that I dropped the phone and someone else picked it up and has claimed ownership? I called DiGi to check if there were any calls made from Saturday onwards. There were none. So I must still have the phone some where. But where?!

We repeated the search process (in his house, my house, has car and my car). Till my darling suggested checking his mum’s car. We were in it for a short time on Saturday morning sending his parents off to the bus station so that location didn’t cross my mind. We’d exhausted all other possible locations so that was the last place we were going to look. By then, I was resigned to going to DiGi on Wednesday to get a new SIM card and use one of Paul’s spare phone.

We walked to his mum’s car and there it was on the floor of the front passenger seat. Just staring innocently up at me.

Thank goodness my darling suggested his mum’s car! So smart! That saves me time, hassle and RM 50 or RM100 for a new SIM card. So yes I’m contactable via my work phone again now.

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