Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Working Past Midnight

I'm no where near done with work. I have my creative team here with me revising an artwork for the client. He better not be sleeping and he better be available to approve it as soon as we're ready. I don't know where he lives but I can find out and slap the living day lights out of him. Even though it's past midnight now.

This will teach us to pick up on another agency's slack. But then again it is our brand and do or die, we gotta help salvage this job and get the ad to the press on time. Even though it wasn't our responsibility in the first place!

Sigh.... that's the life of an agency person. Guess it has it perks:
- free flow of Coke and beer in the fridge at any time of the day
- waltz to the office at 10am
- wear shorts and t shirt to work
- take long lunches when we're free
- get to go for events, get freebies and meet lotsa ppl
- have a fun, noisy working environment where ppl throw stuff at each other, hide each other's vehicles and print life size pics of colleagues with funny captions and stick them outside the office building for all on the highway to see when they drive past.

But we also gotta work till late!

I'm so tired. I can feel my body shutting down. I've not had dinner. Unless a pack of Cheezels is considered dinner. When i stand up, I feel myself swaying. I can't focus. I wanna sleep. I hate my client. Grrrrrrr!!!

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