Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cutting Down on Smoking, Not Quitting.

Screw it! My quitting smoking strategy has changed. I can't sit around for 3 hours being totally unproductive while I suck on a straw and obsess about how badly I need and want a cigarette.

And I find that with a pack of cigarette in my bag, I'm able to function much better throughout the day and crave for cigarettes less. Sometimes I fell like having a cigarette but I don't, because I tell myself I can have one later since it's in my bag anyway. And by doing this, I'm down to 3 - 5 cigarettes a day. My usual is 7 - 10.

It's when there are no cigarettes around, that's when my mind stops functioning and can only think about smoking. It's madness! Trying to quit has taken over my life and i can't of nothing else but how badly I need a cigarette when clearly, I don't.

It's 6.30pm and I've only had 2 sticks today. Once after lunch. And once at tea time. Not too bad if I can say so myself.

It's in a bar (which I hardly go to anymore, yay!) or when having coffee with friends, that's the hardest to smoke just one.

Seriously ... coffee and cigarettes ... they go hand in hand.

Okay I know that cigarettes is bad for the body. But I figures I still really enjoy smoking. And if I stop cold turkey like I did for 2 days, it can lead to anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression?! That's madness. Quite smoking for health but get a host of other illnesses?

So I figured that I'll still smoke (because it feels sooo good!) but only when I really want one and really am able to enjoy one. I shall no longer smoke because I'm bored or because everyone else around me is smoking.

I can now sit at a table of smokers and not smoke myself.


And the battle continues.

To everyone out there who's trying to quit, good luck!


chief said...

Try this! Buy a 14 instead of 20's. Yes! More expensive, but when you see that the sticks are depleting, you'll halt caused it's expensive to get another. When you're out of sticks for the day, don't bother buying. Only the next day. It works for me! Wish they still sell 10's. That would really help. Hahaha!

Bubbles said...

Yeah I've been doing that and it's a pretty good idea. So 1 pack of 14s now lasts me 3 - 4 days. Less chances of it going stale too!

Agreed. 10s would be fantastic. Keep those tips coming. :)

Anonymous said...

I dont mean to sound mean or anything, I commend you on yr efforts on quitting. My dad was a smoker for 40++ years. He now has 3rd stage lung cancer. We are all so upset, so worried, all the time. He's in and out of the hosp SO often. Think abt yr family, get the motivation to cut down and hopefully, quit. Good luck.

Bubbles said...

Hello Anon. Yup, every one knows the helath risk which is one of the many reasons why I want to quit. But it's easier said than done. Going cold turkey puts my life in a stand still. I'm trying to slowly cut down instead.

I'm sorry to hear about ur dad. I wish him well and pray for comfort for your whole family. Hope he recovers.


lanatir said...

i just read about mouthwashes with alcoholic content that can lead to oral cancer especially for smokers. kinda scary.

Bubbles said...

I don't like mouthwash. Too 'hot', 'cooling' or spicy.
Listerine hurts the most.

Suzanne said...

Hey Bubbles, how is your progress getting on? Hope you have passed the hill and it is getting easier. If you are still having the hand-to-mouth habit, give Nicorette Inhaler a thought.
Let us know how you get on. All the best!

Bubbles said...

Not going well at all! I get so much out of a cigarette n giving up has so many side effects ....... I'm smoking less on some days and normal amounts on others. Didn't realize how tough it'll be. Will check out the nicorette inhaler. Thanks!