Friday, January 02, 2009

Quit Smoking - Day 2

Since quitting smoking almost 2 days ago, my taste buds have totally cleared and everything tastes so good! Last night after dinner, I ate chocolate, biscuits and peanuts before bed. Today, after lunch, I finished 3 large slices of pannatone which I brought to work.

No wonder people who quit smoking put on weight. Everything tastes so good! And of course it also gives you something to do with your hands.

I've been reading a lot about quitting smoking. I know one can grow fat cos they eat more. But one could also get depressed! Quitting one habit to gain an illness is really not good!

I already feel agitated. And I've friends who are depressed. Depression causes you to not be able to function in normal every day life. Depression causes you to want to jump off buildings!

I rather be a smoker than a depressed person!

I'm going a bit crazy now. Paul's going to the gym. I'm going to go join him. Nothing like a physical work out to get the crazy thoughts out of my head. Plus after a work out, the fresh air in my lungs should negate any thoughts if beautiful grey clouds swirling around me forming a mist ..... argh! I'm going to the gym. Now!


chief said...

Good for you! Well, it's all mind over matter actually! And hitting the gym on a regular basis helps. For me at least. I'm pushing myself to the limit in the gym, and I don't feel like smoking that much anymore, nowadays, a pack of 14 lasted me for 3 days. So you might wanna get to the gym more often, if it would help.
And it helps to get in great shape. Do lots of cardio workout like cycling and treadmill, somehow when your heart pumps faster, the craving goes lesser. Try it out. It works for me. Cheers!

Bubbles said...

Thanks for the tip Chief! Yup, have been going to the gym and it helps to pump fresh air into the body. Planning to take walks in the parks on weekend mornings too. Prob is I work such late hours in a job that's so stressful that one is compelled to smoke and is too tired for gym after. Sigh.

Nevertheless, I agree it's mind over matter. I'm now down to 3 - 4 sticks a day. Good luck to you! It helps to know that there are more people out there trying to quit and going through what I'm going through. Thanks!