Sunday, October 03, 2010

Funny Maid Story #7 - Cooking

I met up with an old friend who also had a baby. She said that she will be bringing her baby and maid to lunch. So I said I'd do the same. We went to Reunion in Bangsar Village II to have lunch and chat while the maids watched over the babies.

Both our maid were Cambodian but hers had been with her for a longer time so understood more English.

My friend and I were exchanging stories (in Cantonese or Bahasa) about our Cambodian maids and realized that they are all the same!

Both the maids:
- Stand out at the balcony to day dream and sing songs
- Eat A LOT
- So much so that they put on so much weight that they rip their pants or buttons pop off

We allowed the maids to converse with each other in their native language for a while.

My friend's maid later told my friend who told me that my maid said that she likes it when I cook for her. All 3 of us laughed out loud and said that SHE was the maid and that she should really be the one who cooks for me and the family.

Sigh. Maids these days.


Anonymous said...

just to let you know i love reading your blog. good on you, to be a stay home mum, its very brave of you. and your maid is funny. its probably the way you say it. but i can see its terrible...

Bubbles said...

Hi Anon! Thanks so much and I'm glad u enjoy reading my blog :)

My maid down right frustrates me. Some things are funny and some are scary. But in hind sight, I guess there is a funny side to most of it. I must see the positie side or I'll tear my hair out.

Look out for more stories to come!