Friday, October 08, 2010

Funny Maid Story #8 - Cloth & Sponge

My maid uses one particular cloth to wipe the floor. So I scolded her when she placed that same dirty cloth on the kitchen counter top where we prepare food. I explained that it was dirty and could contaminate our food. She said okay.

So what did she do next?

Use the scouring pad for washing the sink and tile ...... to wash our coffee mugs.


She really will be the death of me.


Aaron said...

Bubbles, you really need to prepare for your maid a THICK Standard Operating Procedure Manual, ideally hardcover so that it will not be damaged from frequent flipping of the pages (due to frequent referencing by the maid)....good luck keeping your patience in check...

Bubbles said...

Haha good one Aaron! But she can't read ..... and she won't listen. Running out of options.

But there's a new development on the maid front. Stay tune for a new post.