Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cody the Surfing Penguin Toy

Good copy writing can make any product sell.

Mc D’s current Happy Meal toy is from Surf’s Up The Movie. On the website, there is a write up about the toy which says:

“Removable figure in action pose. Attach Cody to any of the pegs on the surf board and push across a smooth surface for surfing action. Surfboard separates into two pieces and houses a two sided, full colour surfboard shape insert. Choose a side to show and snap the surfboard back together.”

A few of us were in the office yesterday afternoon and feeling hungry so we ordered Happy Meals from Mc D Delivery. We all got the same toy – Cody, with our meal.

Basically, you put the plastic sheet in between the plastic pieces. Then place the plastic Cody on it and push the board across a table.

He slides for about 6 inches, wobbles, and then tips over on his beak.

Maybe it’s the act of trying to balance the plastic penguin on the board then upon success, seeing him slide and then falling over that’s amusing. Then you try to push him further without making him fall. I’m not quite sure. I’m still trying to figure out if the toy can do more. In doing that, I’ve already spent about half and hour playing with it.

Dammit. Okay. Back to work.

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