Friday, June 29, 2007

Remember Mimaland?

If you were born in the 70’s and lived in Klang Valley, you’ll surely remember Mimaland. I was looking through some old photographs of when I was a kid and chanced upon one of me standing in front of the Mimaland sign. While I don’t remember much about the place, I do know that I had a lot of fun there.

Thus I went to hunt for more info on the net. Even Wikipedia only had a one liner on Mimaland.

One other site wasn’t that much more helpful but did provide a contact number and entrance fees. The RM2 entrance fee per person and the 7 digit contact number should have roused my suspicion but I was still hopeful.

After a few more searches, I stumbled upon another blog where people were asking the same question as me. So Mimaland hasn’t been forgotten!

I excitedly read thru the 23 posts where everyone was asking the same questions and some offered a smattering of info. They were talking about 3 storey high slides which cascades into a natural spring swimming pool. And dinosaurs which you can climb. And a maze constructed out trimmed hedges. I vaguely remember what seems like the icons of Mimaland. I need to dig through my old albums and see if I can find anymore taken there.

Then one person posted that Mimaland has been closed since 1994 due to a landslide. My other research attributed the closure due to fatal accident. Perhaps it was a landslide which caused a fatal accident.

Unfortunately Mimaland has not been re-opened since. And what’s worst, a new housing development has been built on Mimaland’s land!

So it’s not the same if I take a drive to Gombak and try to reminisce about Mimaland while having a picnic in someone’s garden.

Hmmmm. That could look like suspicious activity. Should the owner of the house come out to investigate, I should yell at him “You’re house is on Mimaland!!!”.

Sigh. That’s another childhood memory that will remain a memory.


sirmoose said...

hi bubbles,

No, the site which was once Mimaland is still there - no new housing development built on it.
Unfortuntely though, it is almost jungle. You won't believe what has happened to what was once the largest swimming pool in South-East-Asia.
I'm writing (with pics) about Mimaland in the January issue of TELL , a local English language magazine.
If u are game for adventure, go check out the jungle with some friends. Plenty of friends, because it might not be safe to go there alone.

Bubbles said...

Really? Thanks for the info! But I have no clue anymore where Mimaland used too be exactly.

Will look out for that mag for your article to know more about good old Mimaland whom everyone younger than 25 years old would never have heard off. Hahaha!

TheKingg said...

Can even find it on Google Maps now.... Sad...

Bubbles said...

Ya .... it's been build over. It is sad indeed.

Hunny Kitty said...

i still remember i went to mimalnd once...still remember the diansour...still remember the lost maze....still remember everything

Bubbles said...

Hi Hunny Kitty! Such fond and sweet memories, huh? :)