Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Vegetarian Wannabe

Those who know me well, know that I’m allergic to vegetables. But over the years, I’ve managed to adapt and now eat either dark green leafy ones (spinach, kangkung, Romaine lettuce) or the beany type (okra, French beans, long beans). However, I’m still selective and refuse to eat white or light green coloured vegetables (beans sprouts, cabbage, lettuce). People often ask me why. It’s because white vegetables look pale and sickly and so unappetizing. And scientific researches has also proven that the light coloured veges have less vitamins than dark coloured one. So why eat pale veges which don’t taste or look good especially when they don’t have any nutritional value. Ha!

Last Friday, after the Chivas whiskey tasting session, I went to King Crab on the LDP with a few friends. As they were slightly late, I wandered to the tanks of live seafood and I saw a cook scooping a few crabs out of a basket and into a bucket. Then it hit me. Oh no! These crabs are going to die for me! Poor crab …..

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the salted egg crabs very much though friends tell me the one in Kepong is better. I don’t like Fatty Crab cos they don’t have variety. As for Coconut Flower in Klang, they’re not as good as before and is no longer worth the long drive there. The only good thing is that they serve thodi. Thodi and Guinness! Yum! Can’t believe some of my Indians friends have not tried this drink before. Not that I’m being racist but thodi is traditionally known to be an Indian drink. And I love it! Makes u high just after a few glasses and gets u all giggly and happy. And the high lasts for an hour and then you’re back to normal. Genius!

Anyway, back to the crab story. I still felt bad for the poor crabs so decided to be vegetarian on Saturday.

Brunch consisted of bread. Then Paul and I met up with his sis and boyfriend at GSC 1U to watch Transformers. After that, we went to Dragon-I for dinner. While the rest ate ‘siew long pau’ which is the restaurant’s specialty, I ate noodles with szechuan vegetables. Didn’t enjoy the dinner much but felt a bit better for part of the pigs and the crabs out where which I’ve saved.

I survived being vegetarian for a day! While I would like to be a complete vegetarian to save more animals, I just can’t do it.

I tried it once a few years ago. I stared the day with cereal, followed by noodles and ended the night with a sandwich. By the end of the night, I could kill a cow myself. I know, that’s a little extreme but here I am, a pure carnivorous creature trying to be vegetarian.

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