Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Sassari

The quality of Crocs since they moved their production to China is very disheartening. Sure, quality of products drops when they’re manufactured in China. But the drop of quality is so significant (with the price remaining the same) that I feel so cheated. I’m paying for sub-standard products now. The first batch of Crocs molded to your feet so that when you slip into them, you almost go ‘ahhhhh’ in contentment due to the hold and support. It just cradles your feet.

Now, u slip it in and while it’s still soft, there are gaps which should not be there and it even squeaks more.

I’m a big fan of Crocs and own one Beach and 2 Mary Janes. These are my official work shoes as they are for many of my colleagues due to the amount of running we have to do sometimes within the office and out. I’ve also wanted the Sassari for the longest time. It’s their first attempt at introducing heels into their line of casual footwear. Good looking heels are never comfortable but Crocs may just have broken the unwritten fashion rule. The stores have one side of the Sassari displayed for the past 4 months at least and it’s still not hit our shores yet. Thanks to Lola who bought me a pair while in Singapore for work, I now have my 4th pair - A pink and white Sassari.

I’m also eying the Capri. But now I’m thinking twice.

Maybe I should just forget about Crocs and remember to wear the other 50 pairs of shoes I own.

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