Friday, July 20, 2007

Bubbles Is Allergic To Alcohol. Really!!!

It’s the Saatchi Creative Review again. Happening every 2 months or so, that’s when we have 10 minutes of updates and announcements and 4 hours of food and free flow of alcohol. Today’s session feels a little sedate. Actually it’s been getting mellower by the month. There was a time when people got drunk and danced on the conference table then passed out. Those were fun times.

And since I’ve slowed down in clubbing by about 90%, so has my alcohol tolerance. I had 2 glasses of wine and I’m feeling it already. My 3rd glass of rose is next to me on the table, still mostly full.

And I’m really red. But then again that’s the norm. People don’t know this but I’m allergic to alcohol. I’ll turn red after 2 glasses and my torso will start to itch. To counter this, I’ll down about 5 more, the body becomes numb and there’s no more itch. Problem solved.

I tell people I’m allergic but they don’t believe me!

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