Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Murder in Mont Kiara

Yesterday, the new papers reported a shocking incident which took place in Mont Kiara. A unit in a luxury condo there was purchased via a bank auctioned. When the new owner went into the unit, he was greeted with a bad stench. With the help of security guards, they discovered the body of a man which was chopped up into 11 pieces and stuffed into a fridge.

Today, the news papers reported that the man’s wife has been detained in connection with the crime.

The papers did not inform which condo it is but my sources tell me that it’s Mont Kiara Bayu. It’s a fairly high end condo which is surrounded by super condos / resort condos.

How shocking that this happened so close to home. No area is safe.

We all know that the crime rate in this country is escalating. We hear things happening to friends and we may even have encountered danger in the face a couple of times. But the level of crime and occurrence is happening around me at a disturbing rate.

It’s not safe to walk on the roads now even if it’s the short distance from a shop to your parked car. I eat at stall or hawker centres clutching my hand bag on my lap under the table. I go to certain areas with my valuables in my pockets so I don’t carry a bag. I almost sprint to my car while looking over my shoulder and also inside the car before getting in and then quickly locking all the doors. What’s our country becoming to? What’s happening in this world? I don’t like living in perpetual paranoia.

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