Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This Is How The Deathly Hallows Ends?!!

My eyes were closing and my brain was shutting down. But I knew I had to stay awake. I sat up then flipped over to my tummy and then continued in child’s pose. The battle scenes were exciting and so was the twist in the story. I liked how Dumbledore’s Army and the Order of the Phoenix stood together to fight. They were helped by so many of the other magical creatures, live and inanimate objects joined for a fight to defeat the evil Voldermort! And the question on everyone’s minds since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - whether Dumbledore was indeed right to trust Snape or not.

My eyes moved faster and faster as I sped to finish the book. The battle scene finally ended. JK Rowling is merciless. Just within the first few chapters, half a dozen characters are killed off. By the last few chapters, I’ve lost count of the wounded and the dead. Sad as it was with a few of my favourite characters killed, I still say it was a good story.

As I reached the last few chapters, I slowed down to savour what would be the last of the amazing Harry Potter series. It has been a wonderful journey spanning 10 years of reading and following the life and coming of age of the ‘Boy Who Lived’. The younger readers would have grown up along with Harry and would have resonated even more strongly with him.

Then came the final chapter. And then the last page.

I’m outraged! I can’t believe it ended this way! In just a few pages, JK Rowling negated all the fantasy which she’s conjured in people’s minds so amazingly well in all 7 books.

I can’t help but get a feel that she’s doing it for herself. She did it to safe guard her character. While I can understand why she would want to do it, I felt it was unfair for the readers. The millions of kids and adults out there! Those last pages took away all the magic which was becoming part of our everyday lives and more so when a new book is released every year or two. It was even corny.

I’m utterly disappointed and want to yell ‘IMPERIO’ at JK Rowling and I want to cast ‘OBLIVATE’ on my mind but I didn’t even have it in me to cast a Patronus. I cast my wand aside along with the book and hid under the duvet. And I realized with full conviction that I’m now a Muggle.


angelica said...

erm...you might find from fansites that J.K.Rowling will be publishing an encyclopedia on Harry Potter to tighten all the loose ends fans may find in the last book =)

Bubbles said...

I've kinda lost faith after the 'weak' end of Deathly Hallows. But thanks for the info! I'll certainly check it out.