Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Financial Plan Awry

Money! Money! Money!

We just can’t get enough of it. As soon as we get more monthly income, we upgrade our lifestyle. The more we have, the more we spend. The more we earn, the less money we have. Ironic isn’t it? But that’s just the truth.

I’ve been feeling a bit down about money. The people around me with financial worries isn’t helping my situation except realize that some people may seem to have a lot of material goods but they very often live on credit. And that’s no way to live.

Not that I’m broke or anything. I have a great studio apartment which I’m renting out so the tenant is paying for me to own the place. I have a lovely zippy car which I love to bits and still sigh at how cute he looks.

But I don’t seem to be where I wanted to be when I hit 30. My pay is crap but I manage to get along and maintain my lifestyle and pay my bills. But I want so much more than this.

Fruitcake and I had lunch today and we were talking about how we returned to Malaysia to start a business and make us some serious cash. So here we are in Malaysia 10 years later with no business to show and still making peanuts under our employers.

Somewhere along the way, the plan went awry. Time to get it back on track.

So many friends have a full time job and a side business. Then they eventually leave their permanent job and concentrate fully on their own business. And from there they make their millions! Okay, millions may be pushing it but that is a possibility and its always good to earn your own money and be your own boss.

Sure there’s always risk involved and the fear of failure. But worry is a waste of time and energy. It does nothing but create negative energy and sleepless nights.

If we had put more thought into starting a business seriously 5 years ago, who knows where we would be right now.

It’s time for some action. Anyone got some great business ideas?!

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