Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lumpy the Heffalump

Okay I admit it. I have a weakness for toiletries. While I don’t enjoy shopping much in the conventional sense for women which is for clothes and accessories, I can’t resist toiletries. It must be something about having a sensational bath or shower every single day.

I love Boots and while in London, would shop in Boots every weekend. Since I’m not in London and there are no Boots in Malaysia (actually, why aren’t there any??!!), while I was in Thailand earlier this year, I bought shampoos, conditioners, lotions, face washes, moisturisers and more, totally to roughly 15 litres.

So here in Malaysia, I have to content myself with Guardian and Watson. I don’t go to Caring as it’s too much of a pharmacy pharmacy and don’t have the fun stuff the other 2 carries.

Guardian is currently having a Winnie the Pooh collection Redemption. Every RM25 gets you a sticker. And you need 25 stickers to collect one of the Winnie-the-Pooh toys.

Yes I do realize that one toy costs RM625 and that’s a ridiculous amount for a small soft toy. But my rationale is that I’m gonna but stuff from the pharmacy anyway so I might as well buy ahead of time to stock up and collect the stickers. After all, most of the items have a long shelf life. I know, I know, what a sucker. But at least I’m a knowing sucker.

I need just 7 more stickers! So those who shop in Guardian but are not collecting the sticker, please pass them to me before 4th July 2007!

I was looking at the characters and I realized that there was a purple elephant called Lumpy! Sorry, he’s actually a heffalump. The classis Pooh stories did not have any Lumpy character in it but it did feature a nameless heffalump. Lumpy even has a movie called "Pooh's Heffalump Movie" released in 2005! And that was the first time Lumpy was introduced to the world. I found out that Lumpy was first discovered by Roo. Lumpy is friendly and playful, has a fun giggle, and speaks with a British accent!

Remember! Please pass me the stickers and help me get Lumpy! Meanwhile, I’ll go hunt for the movie.

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