Friday, August 08, 2008

A Sense of Loss

A sense of loss
A change which came within 2 days grace
I can't say it was expected
Yet when the message came forth
A sense of shock descends
A 10 seconds lapse
The truth sets in
A dream for anyone in my position
Impossible for most
A timely gift is delivered
With shock comes appreciation
Precious time is given
After 3 years of mine
You'll remain in my heart
As I pack and leave
And wait 2 months
For our final farewell.


Fieran said...

Hey, is everything okay?

Zoe said...

You resigned?

Bubbles said...

Yes I have Zoe. Moving on to a new chapter.It's a change of lifestyle, if only for a while.

And Firean, everything is okay now. Thanks for your concern. It's much appreciated from a friend that's so far away.