Saturday, August 23, 2008

Times Ware House Sale till 1 Sept 2008

Times Book Store is having a warehouse sale in Plaza Damas till 1 Sept. In between supervising contractors at the new apartment, I go to the sale. I've been 3 times so far. Twice on the same day. I just can't resist book sales. This one is not fantastic. There aren't that many best sellers and those available were only 3at 30% off. But there are less famous titles for 90% off. Of course this means you'll have so sift through the thousands of books and get a slight neck ache from reading the titles on the book spines which are placed on high and low shelves as well as on low tables. And a back ache from squatting and stooping to look at the booked placed on the floor.

But I love it. Ever on the lookout for the rare gem of a title and and a large discount to boot! And at my 3rd visit there, I found 'My Fat Brother' by Jim Keeble. That was Jim's first book and I rented it 5 years ago. Back when I didn't have that much money to buy books which are ridiculously expensive in Malaysia.

It was about this guy who had a fall out with his brother so he broke into the London Zoo to steal a penguin as a peace offering. Totally hilarious. Finally found it so I bought it to keep and possibly reread at some point if I ever manage to finish the 2 tall sacks of bought but unread books at home. I'm one of those who like to keep books after I've read them. Just looking at them on the book shelf gives me a small sense of joy. My new home will have 3 book cases and I can't wait to move in and fill them.

I can't seem to find Jim's second book 'Men And Other Mammals'. All the book shops don't seem to have stock of it. Maybe I'll find it at the Times book sale.

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