Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Animal Is Master Shifu?

With the wedding plans and house move taking up most of my waking houses, I've not had much time to watch many movies.

Apart from the latest 'The Mummy' which I watched only because Untold Images gave free tickets to all of Saatchi a few weeks ago, I've not watched any movies in months, at home or at the cinema.

So it was time to catch up! Paul and I just watched Kung Fu Panda which was totally hilarious and entertaining.

At the end of the movie, I still didn't know what animal Master Shifu was. Did u wonder that too? Because alot of other people did! I turned to the trusty net and found so many people asking the same question. He's a red panda! We don't know much about that creature but he sure is cute.

I now would like a red panda as a pet.


clowno said...

I tot he was a racoon. hahaha...

Bubbles said...

me too! Or maybe a lemur! Or a meerkat. Too much Meerkat Manor for me.

Anonymous said...

it cannot be a red panda just look at the features every other character shifu looks nothing like a red panda

Bubbles said...

Hahaha! Maybe Master Shifu is a cartoonified version of a red panda? I do see some similiarities.

Several websites have verified this.

What animal do u think he is?