Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ikea - No More Plastic Shopping Bags

As of yesterday, 5th June 2009, Ikea will no longer be giving out plastic shopping bags to shoppers. They are doing their bit to reduce the amount of plastic bags which are harmful to our environment. Animal and sea creatures are hurt by them. And it just contributes to more waste.

If shoppers still want a plastic bag, they can have the usual Ikea bags for 10 sen and 20 sen per bag, depending on the size.

Sales from the plastic bags will be donated to the Malaysian Nature Society for the Climate Change Programme which includes planting of mangrove trees at Kuala Selangor Nature Park.

I love that they used actual Ikea products as part of the campaign!

This is great! Ikea bags are durable and biogedradable and with this move, they are taking an even strong stance in protecting our environment. It's geat to see big companies, well loved companies, doing this to encourage individuals to do the same. Small changes in our habits and lifestyles bring about huge positive changes in the world we live in.

And the big blue Ikea carrier bag which usually retails at EM3.90, is now available at RM1.90.

I currently have shopping bags in the car for when I go grocery shopping. I'll now remember to bring a bigger bag for when I'm shopping in kea.

Another reason why Ikea is a brand I love.


Suzanne said...

I love those bags!! I don't remember seeing Ikea UK had any plastic bags. How spoilt we were in Malaysia. To be fair, those were good free issue plastic bags from Ikea Malaysia. ^.^

The small one is perfect for shopping, esp, carrying heavy stuff and having to walk because no convinience of the car. Good to give away too!

I've seen recently at Gardening Scotland in Edinburgh that they used the big Ikea bags to grow plants in them. Home grown potatoes? ^.^

I think Malaysia is getting not too badly with reusable bags, now. I remember years ago when I went to Giant and said I use my own bags, the cashier's jaw practically dropped to the floor. And I think they wanted to stick those 'sold' stickers all over the items I bought!

Bubbles said...

I don't remember if Ikea UK gave plastic bags but they must have done at some point cos I didn't bring my own bags while out shopping till recently.

Grow plants in them, huh? That's a great idea since they're biodegradable.

There's a massive campaign in Malaysia right now about not using plastic bags. The message that's being sent out is 'Save a plastic bag. Save the world. ala Heroes. Hahaha.

So far, mostly expats bring their own bags but i think the locals are slowly coming around.

Suzanne said...

Actually, if you think about it, what happened to those days in the wet market? Where the vendor just tie your vege with newspapers and then you put it in your own basket?

But then again, there is that argument that plastic bags were cheap. Sometimes drastic measures like no more free bags will jolt everyone to reuse bags.

Bubbles said...

Wet market. Newspaper. Yeah! Guess we've come full circle albeit with a bit more class and sophistication. Hahaha.

Blackdove said...

Many grocery bags nowadays ARE biodegradable, although they look like plastic. Here's a nifty way to convert these grocery bags into trash bags. It's easy to do, convenient and earth-friendly.