Friday, June 26, 2009

Not Working Is Expensive

I've been back for 2 days and I've spent RM1000!

I can back on Wednesday morning.

A the airport, I spent RM186 at duty free on alcohol, cigarettes and chocolates.

I got back home, showered, and met Michelle Who Stays On The Seashore for lunch. And after that I sent RM218 on DVDs!

Got home, changed, picked Fruitcake up and went to Angle Caster for our meditation class. We went earlier and found that there was going to be a change in manangement and there was a moving out sale. We spent an hour looking at crystals, crystal holders, sun catchers, dream catchers, candles, pendants and more. And i end up spending RM234 on several items!

And on Thursday, I went for lunch with Kit at Ikea Cafe. And after lunch, I was in Curve running errands when I saw that Nichhi City was on sale. There were a few items I liked there which I held off because I was going for the Singapore Sale. Now that Nichhi was on sale too, i went in to pick up the pieces I wanted. Another RM189 there.

For dinner, Paul and I went to Ayam Penyet in The Curve. We wanted to go to Ikea to pick up a floor uplighter but along the way, we passd by Aussino which was on sale. The 600 thread count duvet covers and bedsheets were going at 70% off. And it's 600 thread count too! Apart from luxury hotels, I've never slept on 600 thread countbedding before. So there's another RM212 there.

So I've spent RM1,000 in 36 hours! This is apart from the throusands I spent at the Great Singapore Sale.

What happened? I've never been a shopper. And I loathe shopping. And I always think twice about spending money.

Not working is getting to be really expensive for me!

I'm guessing not being focused on work and career gives me more time and excuse to walk around a mall and be lured by sales, to want to organize the house, to decorate the house, and generally have more time to be ou and spend money.


joycethefairy said...

omg i want 600 thread count! the most i have is 500 thread count and they're pillow cases :p


yes not working and blahing around costs money! but you sound so much happier :D xxx

Big Pumpkin said...

Hahaha...this sounds familiar! When you're not working, you have more time to spend, spend, spend!

Bubbles said...

Fairy - I've not put the new 600 thread count duvet cover on yet but once I do slip it on, I'll let u know if it's wonderful as it's supposed to be. Hahaha! Yes my last once month of being work-free was wonderful, my energy has been restored and my spirits lifted. But will be starting work soon so guess the cycle begins all over again.

Big Pumpkin - Hello! Yeah, it's time to get back to work. Pay the bills, start saving again then get to the point of being able to quit of I so choose. :)