Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lower Back Pains Already?

I know that I'm only 32 and I'm still young but my body is certainly beginning to feel old. Forget the grunting when i sit down in a low seat or getting up after being sated for a long time. That started about 2 years back.

But these days, after seated for a period of time, I actually feel a sharp pain on my lower back when I get up! It lasts about 5 seconds, then slowly goes away.

I was complaining to Fruitcake and she merely said "Oh that's normal" then proceeded to show me how she bends her body with her shoulders hunched and her back pushed forward in order to ease the pain.

We're in our 30s and we're getting all these ailments already? We're growing old right before our eyes.

We now understand why our grandmothers used to stoop forward, and beat their lower backs with a fist after they get up from a sitting position.


Fieran said...

Hey. I'm 25 and I injured my back slightly at the gym recently. Google for lower back pain on youtube and you'll find some good stretching exercises that seem to help with it. I am old :( Just got to accept the fact I guess :)

Bubbles said...

Fieran! 25 isn't old! I'm 32 and i don't feel old (tho my body is betraying my spirit).

Whatever it is, I'm still convinced that 30s is gonna be the best decade of our lives.

Enjoy ur mid 20s. The best is yet to come :)

Fieran said...

@Bubbles: Aww thanks, I hope so too. Things are definitely looking up. Starting my new job on 1st Sept. Btw, this exercise, as weird as its name is, really helps ( If my back is stiff and I do it, its almost instant relief.

Bubbles said...

Bird dog. Hahaha! I tried it. I like it. Just that it'll really be funny when I get up from my seat at work and drop down to my hands and knees. When people ask when I'm doing, I shall reply, "I'm doing the Bird Dog", nonchalantly. Hahaha!

Will u have time off between ur old job and the new one? Good luck at ur new job!