Sunday, June 28, 2009

Starting Work Soon And Will Have To Hit The Ground Running

On second thoughts, maybe it's not so great I'm starting work so soon.

Yes I'm now well rested, I have my energy back and my spirit have been lifted.

I've completed about 80% of my To Do List which consisted of about 80 over items.

I am beginning to be slightly bored at times.

And I've been spending way too much money for a person who's not working.

But ... the guy I'm going to replace at my new job just told me to enjoy the rest of my holiday because as soon as I get into work, I'll have to hit the ground running.

I'm grateful for the heads up but I'm already starting to feel stressed!


Big Pumpkin said...

Believe me, I haven't 'worked' for 11 years and it is so damn boring not working. Not being able to impress upon yourself, challenge yourself and make bigger steps towards your own self esteem and life achievements; it eats into your soul! I'd choose work anytime over being a 'tai-tai'.....So start yourself being mentally prepared for all the great things you're going to be doing out there, babe!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting another job so quickly. How did you manage it in these tough times when there's supposed to be hiring freeze everywhere? And is it a job you're excited about?

Hopefully the work environment won't be as awful as the last place. Good luck with it.

Bubbles said...

Big Pumpkin - yeah I'm getting all prepped up. I do love working but it takes it's toll after a while. The grass is always greener on the other side. The ideal situation would be to work from how or have a free lance job. Wonder how I'm gonna manage that. Something I need to think about in the next few years.

Anon - I've no idea! There's supposed to be a downturn but soon after I quit, i had a 2 diff job offers. Guess the market isn't that bad after all.

I hope so too! Thanks!