Sunday, October 10, 2010

End of Funny Maid Stories?

Last night, the maid did something to piss me off. I can't remember what .... she does so many things to upset me throughout the day.

And when I woke up this morning, I found that she sterilised 2 baby feeding bottles. But not the other 6. I asked her why. She gave me a look like "Huh? I'm supposed to sterlise ALL the bottles?". What would compel her to just sterilize 2 bottles and not all of them?

I then found out that when I'm not watching, she washes but does not sterilize the bottles! I then lost it. I can see the funny side of eating bad egg tarts or writing on tables (with a PEN!) but when it comes to baby's hygiene, it won't let it slide.

So Lord Gaga went to talk to her. But she still had no answer. I guess these maids do things without thinking and therefore can't explain their actions.

In the afternoon, Lord Gaga and I went out for a few hours. When we got back, we could not find the maid. When we are out, she often sleeps or daydreams at the balcony. We could not find her at either of those places. So upon a second round of checking, we concluded she has run away.

Yayyyyyyy!!!! I can't believe the relief we felt. Yes you read right. It was relief and not shock.

I was just telling Lord Gaga that I'm going to give her one last chance. If she screws up again with something stupid, I'm going to personally kick her ass back to Cambodia. So now I don't need to do anything.

We can now leave our money or phones laying around at home. We can relax and not worry about what nonsense she is up to next. We can enjoy the air in the home (she had really bad BO even tho we bought her antibacterial soap, got her to shower 4 times a day and got her to drink a lot of water).

I don't want another full time maid as it seems like finding a good maid is 1 in 100. Will try an get a part time maid in and see how I manage that way.

So no more Funny Maid Stories? Hmmmm. She may be gone but there's lots more I've not posted. Stay tuned.


Mamapumpkin said...

So that didn't last, huh? Mine lasted longer than yours! Oh, maids.....although it is a pain to do everything yourself, the peace of mind is so worth it.

Hey, my brother says he knows you la.

Bubbles said...

Hey Mamapumkin! Yup! She is gone and we are celebrating. I agree! We do have the peace of mind now.

Hmmm ... who's your bro? It's KL and there's only 2 degress of separation here :)

Ally said...

Good riddance! Do you get your agent fees back or something?

Bubbles said...

Of course not. All forfeited. We do however get 2 months of her pay back because we paid the usual 6 months advance salary and she ran away after the 4th month.

On top of that, gotta pay the darn government RM200 to cancel her work permit.

Well on the upside, she is out of our lives and we don't have to buy an air ticket to send her back? :)

Suzanne said...

Sounds like truly good riddance. I'm sure you'll manage. ^^

Fieran said...

Gosh your experience with the maid is really strange. I have family friends who have really nice maids where the kids are so attached to them and treat them like a friend. It's such a shame that this maid gave you a nightmare.

Good riddance, indeed. Hopefully you can relax now. I hope she doesn't show up again.

Bubbles said...

Fieran, your friend must be really lucky because I've heard more horror stories than good ones from friends with maids. What nationality is their maid?

I'm generalizing here but from all the stories I've heard, the Filipinos demand too much with their use of handphones and Sundays off where they will be in the shortest mini skirts you see. The Indons sneak men into the house for sex and some even get pregnant. The Cambodians, being the newest maids avalable in Malaysia have no experience in working and have a language issue so lots of things get ruined when they don't understand instructions.

And don't even get me started on the syndicates!

Fieran said...

Hm, my family friends have Indonesian and Filipino maids - but they hired them years ago and these wonderful housekeepers are so integrated into the family that they probably don't even consider switching employers.

Though these days getting a maid and keeping one is havoc - my aunt has a lot of drama with this situation. She's had maids run away or ask to leave or have no clue how to cook - it's quite sad to hear.

Bubbles said...

Yeah I have heard of families with maids who are treated like family. But they are few and far between. These days, chances of getting a good maid is less than 10%. That's a very high risk considering the cost of even getting a maid thes edays.