Saturday, October 02, 2010

Funny Maid Stories #6 - Knives

We periodically do checks on the maid's room to ensure she is keeping it clean and not hiding anything. During one of these spot checks, I found knives in her drawer. I'm not talking about just a butter knife, carving knife or even a cleaver. It was an entire set of Lord Gaga's Victorinox hotel school knives. There must be about 10 different knives in there!

We freaked out and confronted her. She could not explain herself. We hauled her ass back to the maid agency where the agents drilled and questioned her. She was crying but still could not explain her actions.

We brought her back and I asked her again. What I managed to get out of her was that she was cleaning the knives. If that was the case, would she not have returned the knives to the kitchen where they belong instead of keeping them in her room?

Worrying, isn't it? Not sure what to do with her and what is going through her head.

This is definitely not one of the funny stories.


Mamapumpkin said...

Hey, the more funny maid stories you write, they're becoming not so funny anymore la.....KNIVES??? I'd be worried!!!

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I'm sure there is more but this is the ending. I think you should be very careful.

Bubbles said...

Yes ..... I realize that too. Very worrying. Talking to the maid agency now to see what are our options. For now, the baby is never ever left alone with her.