Monday, October 18, 2010

Hong Leong Bank - Another Bank That Sucks

Since we moved, I informed all the corporations to send all correspondences to the new place with immediate effect.

Somehow, letters from Hong Leong Bank with whom we have a home loan, was till being sent to the old address. I called up the customer service line and they told me that their system still reflects the old address. Perhaps the letter did not reach them?

So I faxed the change of address letter to the KL Main brand in Jalan Perak and then posted it again. I spent all of today calling the bank to see if they received the fax but no one picked up. I tried all different extensions from Home Loans to Current Accounts to Customer Service, trying to get hold of someone, anyone. I made 6 calls and spent a total of 1 hour dialling, pressing buttons and being put on hold and still no one picked up.

This is the Main Branch, the HQ of Hong Leong. How can it be that no one is around to answer the phone. I even ensured that it's not a public holiday and that the bank was indeed open today.

I'm so disappointed in all the banks. I've had issues with HSBC, Alliance Bank and Maybank (several) before and now I'm adding Hong Leong to the list of Crap Banks.


Suzanne said...

Oh dear... I can imagine the frustration. When I closed my HSBC account in KL they made me wait for 1.5hr freaking hours! HSBC in the UK is almost as bad, took forever to get a verified bank statement. So much for World's Local Bank... *sigh*

Bubbles said...

Hi Suzanne. Seems like all banks from Malaysia to the UK are as inefficient. Tho I have to say I got pretty good service from Barclays.

Suzanne said...

That's good that you get good service from Barclays. Now with internet banking it is not too bad. A lot can be done at machines or ATM machinese as well. Only thing is when you want to speak to people face to face is when all the problems start. I guess we can't have everything... ;o)

Bubbles said...

Ye thanks to internet banking, we need to deal with them less. Maybe we need to have millions in order to get priority banking to get good service from them.