Monday, October 29, 2007

26 years old and like beer? Buzz me!

Who's up for a free drinking and makan session at my office in exchange for a 1 hour chat with you on your views on beer? We even have Guinness Draught in the office now!

The sessions will take place on Wed, 31 Oct and Thurs, 1 Nov at 7pm onwards.

In order to qualify, you need to be:

- Male

- 25 - 27 years old

- Blue and White collar

- Non advertising / PR / Media and alcohol industry related work background

- Chinese and Indian

- Heard of Guinness brand, tasted the drink but Guinness is usually not their first choice of drink. (We are not looking for regular Guinness drinkers in this instances).

If you meet the criteria above, please send me a note or buzz me.

If not, please pass the word to your friends. I'm sure they'd thank u for telling them about free beer.

I need names by tomorrow, Tues 30th Oct. please. Thanks!


The Mama said...

wat's this? discrimination against females, non-25 to 27 year olds with advertising backgrounds and regular Guinness drinkers???

Bubbles said...

Having a focus group so the criteria is very stringent. Will call u when we have a group for alcoholic females next time!

The Mama said...

just kidding, dear. hope you had a great time with your focus group.

Bubbles said...

It went very well indeed. Seriously, if u r ever in the area, lemme know and we can go for a drink or 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5) at my office bar. :)

The Mama said...

hehe...4 or 5 sounds good. Corona is my beer of choice, although I can barely drink half a bottle...oh well. Will definitely contact you if I do go back to day