Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bubbles Has New Hobby

Bubbles has another hobby! And yes it’s a real hobby by the right definition.

Paul recently bought me a bear from Starbucks, from their Bearista Series. I was a bit skeptical at first since the green apron he was wearing states ‘MALAYSIA’ but I guess I can start with him first. As I travel and my friends travel to other cities, the collection of Starbucks Bearistas can grow.

So my new hobby is collecting Starbucks Bearistas!

He’s called MalBear. I’m going to name them with the first syllable of the city they are from followed by ‘Bear’. So a Starbucks bear from Phuket will be called ‘PhuBear’, Bali will be BaBear and so on. Much easier than giving them other names which I may forget if the collect grows to more than a dozen.

So instead of buying me magnets and key chains, you now know what to buy as a souvenir.

Looqy is in New York.

Choon Yeen is in London.

Gowri is in Melbourne

Cindy and Wendy are in Sydney.

Vy Wonn is in Hong Kong.

Lance, Gary Bar Slut, Papa Alf, George, Kenny and Reinti are in Singapore.

So that’s NewBear, LonBear, MelBear, SydBear, HongBear & SingBear!

And so many more friends from all around the world!

And that’s not a hint since I’m being up front about it.


lanatir said...

but it's not gloomy bear!

Bubbles said...

I do want a gloomy bear. Wanna contribute to the collection?

lanatir said...

no... ur attention span is too short

Bubbles said...

Yeah i know .....

But i still like gloomy bear after all these years!

I want gloomy bear! Including the blood on the claws and teeth.

The Mama said...

i haven't a seen a calgary bear...not that i actually looked for it.

Bubbles said...

Whats a calgary bear?