Thursday, October 25, 2007

No Time

As Sin Cyn, Michelle Stays On The Seashore and I drove past Ikea, Sin Cyn commented that Ikea has named a book shelf after my wallaby, Billy.

I said that I have been so busy these days that I have been neglecting Billy.

Then Sin Cyn says that I’ve been neglecting Facebook.

Then Michelle Stays On The Seashore says that I’ve been neglecting myself.

Which is so true!

Work has been crazy these days and I’m extremely stressed. I’m handling 2 major campaigns with many small jobs in between. And there are 5 other major campaigns which will be briefed in soon.

On Monday, I thought it was Tuesday. Today is Thursday but I thought it was Friday. Time is warping for me.

After rushing like mad at work, I usually meet Paul for dinner, then go home to watch the telly, read a bit and sleep. That’s my day 5 days of the week.

I’m missing out on my reading. I’m now reading Haruki Murakami’s The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably take one whole month to finish it.

Other things I would like to read are:

- newspapers which I get to read once a week and it’s usually a week old. So I rely on friends to tell me when something major haps happened.

- Newsweek to know about issues from around the world but I cancelled my subscription when I realized that I have 12 issues piled up, most of them still in their plastic envelopes.

- Adoi and Media but that’s the same situation of Newsweek. I’m in advertising but I hardly have time to read publications on advertising or even the ads in the papers which I’ve produced. Good thing we have a nice lady in the office who goes though the news papers everyday and cut out the ads which we did as well as the competitive ads. Or we’ll never manage to catch them.

- Motivational books such at the ‘Science of Success’ which I found to be interesting and have read the first few chapters but I’m not a how-too kind of book reader so it takes me even longer to finish a book.

- Other people’s blogs. But I don’t even have time to post on my own blog, what more read and comment on friend’s blogs.

I need to slow down. I need a holiday.

Now where will I find the time to plan a holiday?

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