Thursday, October 25, 2007

Revelation 5

Revelation is happening again this weekend! But no I’m not going this time.

After what Revelation revealed last year, where:

- We got so drunk by 10pm that we almost didn’t make it to the rave.

- We lost half of our crew before we even entered the gates.

- One guy got into a fight with the bouncers and got his shirt torn so he had to walk around half naked.

- Another group who drove up from Singapore only to party for half an hour before the rave was shut down prematurely.

- One guy who tried to vault over the barrier in front of the stage, hoping to land on the stage, only to fly 5 feet into the air and land on his 2 front teeth, break them and also sustained a nasty gash on his shin which needed stitching in the hospital in the next state.

That was way too much drama for one party. Even by my pre-clubbing-retirement standards.

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