Monday, October 01, 2007

The Meeting Is Over

And I’m done. Yup, it’s a 10 minute meeting for which we have to get up really early to read from a piece of paper. The only upside is that we get breakfast. Today’s was sandwiches only though. And I was looking forward to some mee siam or quiche.

Due to the gloomy weather, less than half the people showed up for the meeting.

If one is late, one will be charged RM10 which goes into a kitty which either goes to charity or for a big party at the end of the year.

On days like this, I think I rather pay the RM10 for another 1 hour in bed.

But I’m too responsible an employee for that. The guilt will ensure I won't be able to enjoy the extra hour in bed. Then the RM10 would not be justified.

What a start to the day.

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