Monday, October 25, 2010

A Holiday Within the City

When you want a short holiday but dont want the hassle of planning or travelling, one of the easiest option is to just check into a local hotel. And that's just what we did.

Lord Gaga and I packed and overnighter bag. But for Baby A, we had to pack the travel cot, feeding bottles, steriliser, milk, clothes, lotsa diapers, her toiletteries, toys, usual diaper bag and everything to do with travelling with a baby.

With everything finally packed, we checked into the Le Meridien at KL Sentral.

This was another free trip as I had a voucher from my Starwood Club membership that was expiring soon.

The standard room.

After checking in, we went to Latest Recipe, the hotel's coffee house for lunch. I had the fish & chips which was the chef's recommendation. It was surprisingly excellent! The batter was light and fried to a crisp and the fish within was yummy, light and flaky. And to complement and excellent simple dish, tere was ketchup, chilli sauce, tartar sauce and even malted vinegar. Brilliant!

Lord Gaga had his usual (where ever we go) which was the char kway teow. This was so-so, From experience, the best char kway teows can only be found in the hottest, sweatiest coffee shops. Apart from the one at Champs which is by far Lord Gaga's favourite. But at RM20 a plate, we can't be eating there too often.

The key to taking a holiday in your own city is not to leave the hotel but instead enjoy all the facilities and amenities it has to offer. So the folllowing day, we went back to the coffee house, but this time, for their buffet. Chocolate fountains are a must at any good hotel buffet. So after about 5 rounds of Chinese, Indian, Japanese and a mish mash of other offerings, I had chocolate coated marshmallows, grapes & strawberries. And then had some fun with the remaining chocolate. I like playing with my food but I better stop soo less Baby A picks it up too.

They also had tepanyaki ice cream. No it's not fried and it's nothing like fried ice cream. Instead, you pick a few different flavours and a variety of toppings. Then the server will put at all on a chopping board and chop everything up using a tepanyaki spatula. The result : a gray coloured goo (if u choose chocolate and green tea flavours) with black and colourful dots (if u choose rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chips). I didn't take a pic cos it doesn't look appealing. Come to think of it, it didn't taste too appealing either. Perhaps it was my choice of flavour combination.

After fussing for a bit and after being fed, Baby A was such a good girl and slept while we enjoyed the buffet spread.

After a good meal, a nie stroll helps the food go down so we went to chill at the hotel pool.

Baby A was certanly having fun.

Another holiday for Baby A!


terri@adailyobsession said...

hi, i just saw your comment in my blog. sorry it took me so long. are you still coming to kk in dec? if so, some places to eat are:

for seafood: 1) port view opposite warisan square (pricey)2) ocean next to promenade hotel 3) welcome restaurant in penampang (cheap, good). you can search for my reviews of these restaurants in my blog

for lunch, there are many places for noodles. kk's best noodles are ngu chap, mixed beef noodles. every reataurant vary. the best known ones are in residential areas, such as kah hiong in hilltop. pork mixed noodles (sang yuk meen) are also very good here, so is pan meen. if you tell me which hotel you are staying in, i can tell you the places to eat near your hotel

btw, tt's a really beautiful baby! have fun with her n take lots of photos. i wish i did with mine but in those days there weren't many digital cameras n the quality was not as good. n there was no such thing as a blog but now your baby can see your posts on her when she's older. cool!

Bubbles said...

Thanks for the info Terri! Erm.... has it been that long? I don't even remember what my comment was! Lol! I am travelling in Dec but it'll be to Kuching and not KK tho. But now I wanna eat all the stuff u listed down!

Agreed with the blog and baby. I am busy but do my best to post up significant events, milestones and pics. So wonderful to look back at the pics and see her grow. And hopefully it's something she will enjoy too. How old are ur kids?