Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Eventful Weekend

It was an interesting weekend.

It started out with dinner at the Old Town Bak Kut Teh on Friday night after work. Paul, Michelle Shell, Sin Cyn and I. After which we went home. Paul and I played PS2 but Marsupial wanted to drink so we trooped down to Somo to meet Marsupial and Michelle Shell.

Somehow Marsupial got it into his head that the 3 of us were already drinking somewhere even though our SMSes all said we were chilling at home. Thus he was very disappointed when we met up and he was the only non sober one. He kept on saying ‘Come to my level’, a phrase we use on each other when one is not as high as the other.

So, being the good friends that we were, we drank with him. Out came the tequila shots, Guinness pints and sake in a wooden box.

I specifically wanted the sake in the wooden box but Amrit, the manager there said it was called a ‘katsu’ or something like that. So I said “Fine it’s called a katsu in Japanese. And when you translate it to English, it’s called ‘wooden box’, right?”. Hehehe. I won that argument.

Anyway, after those drinks and Marsupial saying he was bored, we were too sober and him wanting to move on to another party – Paul bought a bottle of Macallans. So there we were drinking it on the rocks. Somo started closing up so we checked in the bottle. There was about ¾ left. After a few minutes, we decided we wanted another drink. So out came the bottle for one more round and we checked it in again. After that round, we still wanted more so we brought the bottle out again (wonder if we annoyed the waiters) but Somo was almost closed. So Amrit and the waiters moved us over to the Coffee Bean which was long closed by then but the tables were left out at night. We must have been very high by then cos before I realized it, we had finished the bottle and the waiters were chilling out next to us. Then we knew it was time to go home.

That seems to be the pattern during my last few drinking sessions at Somo. It may not be a club but when I’m with my friends, we turn it into a club and we hardly know when it’s closing till the bottles run out and we turn around to order some more only to realize that the place has completely closed (as in lights off and chairs stacked up) and the waiters are standing around waiting for us to leave. Looks like we're doing what almost retired clubbing folks are doing - moving from clubbing to pubbing cos the older you get, the less tolerence you have for crowds and bad service.

On Saturday night, 3 cars convoyed to Coconut Flower in Telok Gong for seafood. We ordered the works- from crabs to crayfish to clams. And of course we have to have todhi. Whats seafood in Klang without todhi. We started mixing it with the standard Guinness stout. Then we tried it with white wine (I didn’t like it bit the boys did) and Coke (tastes like whiskey coke!). If the alcohol wasn’t entertainment enough, I brought out a lighter which was stuck in a plastic dog’s body. Marsupial and Wijay Penguin Friend took turns yanking it out. That provided hilarious entertainment for about 20 minutes.

Then we left Klang and poor Sharky blew her back right tyre! We didn’t have the right tools to change it so we called Wijay who turned around but by that time, the Kesas highway guys spotted us and helped changed it to the spare tire. A 2 inch nail was the culprit. Wijay named the nail Poky Poky. So strange for someone who wants to kidnap Popo the Penguin and Cedric the Frog from me and give them freedom cos he thinks it’s strange for someone to talk to animals. Poky Poky indeed!

After Easter Sunday service, Paul went to replace the blown tyre. The shop didn’t have any stock left of his existing tyres which were the Good Year F1s. So he changed them all to Michelin Somethings. The changing of tyres, balancing, alignment and testing took a few hours. Paul and I sat there and waited and while away time by just talking. I love it that we can just talk and talk and not have any need for any external form of entertainment. We just enjoy each other’s company so much and have so much to talk about. I do hope it will stay like this for always. It will make growing old together very sweet.

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