Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My lunch with 3 post / current / pre pregnant friends

I just came back from lunch. Heart beating fast and feeling nauseated. Food was fine. It was the conversation I had with 3 girl friends who:

1. Just gave birth

2. Will be giving birth soon

3. Getting married soon and will straight away try for kids after.

The conversations was mainly about the pain of breast feeding, purple veins appearing on the breasts and snakes all the way to the neck, shriveled breast like prunes, nipples growing a lot bigger than usual, shrinking breasts, not washing ones hair for 30 days, the pain of engorgement, gushing of blood, going through natural birth…..

My friends tell me that this is good to prepare me for when my time comes. I agree to that. But I still feel ill nonetheless.

That said, friends who have known me for the past 5 years and more would say that I’ve made tremendous progress.

I now can’t wait to get married (before I used to break up with boyfriends once they start talking about marriage).

And I can picture kids (just not the getting pregnant, giving birth, confinement period and taking care of baby stage) when they are more grown up in the future.

I’ve got about 2 years to prepare for this. All the best to me.

I’m sucking on a plum sweet now before I barf.


dreamer said...

Practice on kittens or puppies first. Less bloody, even tho the newborns are still as fragile

Bubbles said...

Puppies are so much cuter than human babies.