Thursday, April 12, 2007

Snatch Thefts

Yesterday, while lunching with Michelle Shell at Decanter 3 in Section 17, I witnessed yet another snatch theft. We were sitting among the 3 tables placed outside the restaurant. A yellow Hyundai Getz was parked 10 feet from us. A middle aged man was sitting at the back of a car when a bike stopped next to the car, the rider or pillion rider opened the front door, took a handbag belonging to his grand daughter who was in the shop and rode off. There was no drama or anything. It was over in 3 seconds and everyone hardly noticed that it even happened until the man came out of the car and told us. The thieves were so cool about it. They probably ride around and do this several times a day.

A few months ago, I was dining with Andrew at Ka Soh in Damansara Heights. I wanted to sit outside but he suggested we sit inside instead. Which was a very good idea. After ordering our food, we heard a piercing scream from the table outside the restaurant. A couple was sitting outside when I guy ran past and took her bag.

And the third incident happened to be about 10 years ago. I was walking out of my house in Taman Megah to catch a bus to college. A bike zoomed past behind me and made a grab at my bag. But he missed and rode off. I was shocked and I stood rooted to the ground. Then he stopped his bike about 50 metres from me and looked back. I thought if he were to turn around, I’m screwed. It’s too far to run back to my house and who would heard me if I screamed since the houses faced a very noisy highway. Should I try running anyway? Or should I wait for him to come and then push him off his bike? Or should I toss him the bag as he comes towards him? Thank god I didn’t have to make a decisions as he decided to ride off. And honestly, I was in such a state of shock that I can’t remember what I did after that – ran back home or continued walking to get a bus.

Things are getting worst. And the world we live in is more dangerous than ever. I’m not even talking about acts of terrorism but about over everyday lives. In the last 2 months, I heard of 2 incidences from friends where bikers threw stones at their car window or tried to smash the window with helmets with passengers in the car. Even if they don’t succeed in the theft or even hurt you, can you imagine the emotional trauma of being attacked like that.

We can no longer feel safe and when out of the house, I’m constantly looking over my shoulder and my heart beats faster every time I hear a bike near me. I remember a time when I was young, even at pre school age. I used to live in SS2 and could play in the play ground with my friends unsupervised and only return home after dark.

My kids will no longer have that kind of freedom. Even if they were to play in the park, they will have to be watched like a hawk as there are so many evil doers out there.

Which causes me to think. Is it even right to bring a child into such a harsh and cruel world where things get worst with each passing year. And if I choose to have the kid, would I be an over protective mother? I don’t ever want to be. But how can one help in with danger lurking in every corner?


Uni said...

You are so true. The world is getting crazier and crazier. We, so called homo sapient, not only hurting and killing each other, but even can kill own children. What on earth are happening?! Even animals don't kill their own kids.
Just because of those stupid robbers, I have to put a steel baton in my car, in case anything not good happen, or even being threatened. Maybe you should do that too. Since we girls are the targets of the criminals. You can get it from Thai, or just buy it from

Paul said...

precaution had been taken... bought a STOPLOCK... bigger and can whack the living daylights out of the thief... ;P... another legal weapon coming soon once i have tested it to be useful...

Uni said...

But need make sure it's easy to hold. Especially for girls. Or else will be useless. Update each other again if there is anything new.

Paul said...

well, stoplock is like a baseball bat... what's more it is metal based... would definitely be good... ;p