Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rabbit's Don't Drink Carrot Juice

I’m still obsessed with the Raving Rabbid’s game! They are so cute that I just want to squish and plunger and drown them in carrot juice.

I’ve fed Sin Cyn’s rabbits (we now know that a baby rabbit is called a bunny) carrots before and they enjoyed it.

She invited Paul and I over for dinner a few days ago. Paul asked if he can bring a plunger to plunger the rabbits. She said no. So we brought carrot juice instead!

She tried feeding them but they had a sniff, made a face and flounced away! Ungrateful rabbits!! And we went hunting for Pokka Pure Carrot Juice some more! Not those local or cheap carrot juices mixed with other fruit juices.

I’ve been asking people if rabbits drink carrot juice. Now I know they don’t. I’m still upset with them tho!

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