Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why Do Trolls Live Under Bridges?

Why do trolls live under bridges?

Because they are ugly and dirty and no one wants to be friends with them. They do need water and shelter from the weather thought. And they are too cumbersome to climb trees to build a tree house. Thus, under a bridge makes a suitable place for his home.

Why is Bluetooth called Bluetooth?

The Viking King Harald Bluetooth united Norway and Denmark. He was renowned as a great communicator, skilled at bringing people together to talk to each other – but he would never have guessed that a thousand years later a powerful technology would be named after him!

I ask random questions. Whatever that pops into my head at any point in time. I’ll think about it for a while and if I don’t know the answer or want a second opinion, I’ll ask the person nearest to me.

The 2 questions above are examples of my questions. They can sometimes be factual or have real answers. And sometimes there can be no real concrete answer but I’d appreciate the person attempting it anyway.

Both those answers were provided by Paul. He’s a fountain of information and when the fountain runs dry, he pulls rabbits out of hats to constantly keep me entertained.

He really gets me.

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