Thursday, September 30, 2010

Funny Maid Stories #2 - Eating for 3

Our Cambodian maid arrived about 5 months ago and it was pretty good timing because we were moving house. And because of that, we hardly cooked so we at out a lot. Since we had her with us, we could not afford to go to nice fancy restaurants so we often went to taichows or coffee shops.

We noticed that she eats a lot and always answers "yes" when we asked her if she was still hungry.

We know that one portion in a taichow is usually more than enough for a person with a moderate appetite. In fact, I often order one portion to be shared between 2 people.

Since the maid is always hungry, we ordered for her 2 portion (this means it can feed 3 - 4 people). She whacked the entire mountain of rice!

Just to test just how much she can eat, we ordered her another portion of noodles. She finished that too!

We almost fell off our chairs but did not dare try test her with yet another portion...

Often her meals costs more than Lord Gaga's and mine combined!

Previously I felt it was very unkind of families to go out for dinner but made the maid eat before going out. I totally understand now why they do it! I don't mind paying for ean xtra mouth but to pay for 3 more?

I just weight the maid. She arrived in Malaysia weighing 48kgs. As of today, she is 58kgs. She put on 12kgs in 5 months!!!

I do understand that they come from poor backgrounds and have not had such good food before. So when they see food, they can't help but consume as much as possible. I call this the hamster mentality. So we do let her eat. But there's got to be a limit.

She can't fit into her clothes anymore and is now wearing the clothes I used to wear when I was pregnant!

When will this stop? She is eating us broke.

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