Sunday, September 12, 2010

Going Back To Work After Baby

After 2 months of maternity leave and extending it by another 3 weeks by using all my annual leave and combining it with the Raya holidays, I have to finally return to work tomorrow. I'm totally dreading it.

3 months is definitely too early for me to leave my little baby. She's now growing bigger, cries less, communicates more and is so adorable. She coos a lot now. When she says "oooooh" and I say "oooooh" back to her, she giggles with delight. We could go on and on 'speaking' to each other this way.

In the 5 days we were in Phuket on holiday, she learnt so many new coo words. She can coo sounds that sound like "Boo", "Go", "Hello" and "How are you".

When I go back to work, how many more developments and milestones would I miss? Will I be there when she first rolls over? To crawl? To walk? To call for me?

It breaks my heart not to be with her 24 hours a day. I never thought I'd want it but I really would like to be a stay at home mum, if only for 6 months or a year. Unfortunately finances does not allow for that.

So to work I go and I'll return home every day at lunch time to see her and to breastfeed her.

Hope all goes well tomorrow!


Suzanne said...

Hope your first day back to work went well. xx

Bubbles said...

Blogging about it now :)