Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tenaga Nasional Berhad - What Customer Service?

I received 2 electric bills and am confused as to which one to pay as there are 2 different amounts. So I've been trying to call TNB since last week to get clarification. There are several numbers to call, 2 stated on the bill itself and a few on their website. So I called all of them and could get through to none.

So after waiting for a long time, I requested for a call-back but no one has called me since.

Finally today I got through to someone who told me I got the wrong number despite that number being stated on the website. I called the number she gave me instead ......but no one picked up.

I got fed up and I sent a feedback to customer service via their website. I was pleasantly surprise to receive a response that I could call up Ong Li Ling at extension 5176 or 5184 for follow up or further enquiries.

I did just that and someone picked up! It's so good to hear a human voice after an hour of listening to a machine. I asked for Miss Ong but she was out and was transferred to someone else .... who was not at her desk.

I'm back to square one. So frustrating!

I must have spent a total of about 2 hours trying to get in touch with someone so I know how much to pay THEM.

Customer service my arse!

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