Monday, September 27, 2010

Funny Maid Stories #1 - Washing Machine

Once you have a baby, most couples will opt to get a maid. It isn't cheap. Initial agency fees and advanced salary average at RM8,000. And depending on the country the maid is from, the monthly can range anything from RM550 to RM1,500. Cambodians are the cheapest so far, starting at RM550 for a new maid (read: no experience), Indonesians at RM600+ (but hard to get one these days due to the embargo) and Filipinas at RM1,200.

We got a new Cambodian maid because we were told that they are the easiest to get and the cheapest. And we should not worry about her not having experience because it's better to train her to do things they we we want it. Hmmmm. Language and communication will be a problem tho. Double Hmmmm.......

Our Cambodian maid has been with us for almost 6 months. Instructions are made with a combination of English and a lot of sigh language. They do pick up languages very quickly tho.

Most of these maids come from the village so they are in total culture shock when they get here. Guess there's an adjustment period on both the maid and employer's end.

I've had many frustrating incidences with this maid. She totally stresses me out but I keep telling myself that it will be stressful without a maid too. So I just need to be happy I have help and try and forget the teflon pan she ruined, the table she wrote on (in PEN!) and many other stories that have totally frustrated me.

Instead, I will try and see the funny side of things. And I shall post them here for your entertainment too.

So here goes. Funny Maid Stories Number 1.

The maid knows how to use the washing machine. So I tell her that the clothes must be separated to dark and light loads. And washed separately. I proceeded to separate the clothes to demonstrate to her. She says "Okay Ma'am". I went back to check and she did indeed do the separation correctly. Later in the day, I found that the washing machine has finished its cycle so I asked her to put the clothes in the dryer.

When she opened up the washing machine, I asked her why the darks and lights were in the same load. Why didn't see do separate loads?

"Yes ma'am. I put. Dark here (indicating to the left side of the washing machine). Light here (indicating to the right side of the washing machine)."



Salameander said...

They're so innocent that way, aren't they? :) We also have a Cambodian maid. The language barrier is still there, but she does learn fast.

Bubbles said...

Depends on how u see it I guess. Not so innocent when they lie and cover up stuff. I've loads more Funny Maid Stories to post up. Watch out for more and see if you have the same experience :)

Anonymous said...

Imagine if you had to switch places, and needed to go to Cambodia to work as a maid in order to feed your family. Imagine the utter sense of isolation and the fear of working in a strange place with people you don't know. Then, I think, it seems less funny...

Mirebella said...

I wish we could get maids here - I think I would be more keen on opening up that chapter of my life if we could! Nanny and day care are so freaking expensive - around $100 perday!

Love seeing your updates and glad your back to blogging Bubbles :)

Bubbles said...

Yeah I heard! A friend works a few days a week but almost all her pay goes to childcare!

I'm glad to be back! :) Life is a little more settled so I'll def be blogging more .... esp when my life has changed so much and there's so much to blog about.

Bubbles said...

Anon - It's also not funny when u pay so much money for a maid and still have to 'pay' when they damage your expensive clothes, machinery and equipment. This is despite telling them time and time again how to do certain things. But I have decided to see the funny side of things instead of being upset and angry at her. But I also have to tell her off so that she learns. This will help her be better at her job and to be a better maid to her future employers. I used to be upset at the way some maids are treated but now that I have a maid myself, I understand the frustration.