Friday, May 02, 2008

5 1/2 More Months To The Wedding

Time flies. Paul proposed in January and we had 10 whole months to plan the wedding. And before you know it, there’s only 5 ½ months left! I have most of the vendors and sponsors secured but there just seems to be a lot more to plan for among the various vendors.

I have my Secret Garden of the Fairies theme confirmed but I don’t have the colour theme yet. I originally wanted gold & red but Ivy of Ray Tan Art suggested cream & green instead as they would be a better ‘fairy’ colour.

I have the wedding gown confirmed and I was going to wear a pink and purple cocktail dress for the cocktail wedding. But Fruitcake tells me she’s seen that dress on some celebrity in either Prestige or Malaysian Tattler. That’s an issue having a dress maker to the stars as your dress maker too. No matter. I was contemplating between the pink & purple and the green & yellow anyway. So that has helped me made my choice. Besides, when I show a pic of me in both dresses, all my girl friends are wowed and all immediately point to the green & yellow gown.

I’ve also not secured a florist yet. I spoke to Ray Tan Art immediately after securing Passion Road as the venue as both places are owned by the same boss, Ray Tan. So Ray Tan Art should be familiar enough with Passion Road to dress the place up to it’s full potential, following the theme I’ve set. I’m also going to brief As You Like It and MNG and see who comes up with the best floral & décor ideas at the best prices.

I find it hard to select a florists as they can’t do up actual floral arrangements for you to see as it’s too costly. And the quote is just a bunch of numbers. A ‘hand bouquet’ can mean so many different things.

I’m so glad I have Patricia as a wedding planner. I’d had gone mad with wedding stress had I had have her to run to for advise or just to have coffee and chill out with.

For all the couples getting married and don’t want a ‘cookie cutter’ wedding (ie. one held in a Chinese restaurant or a hotel where everything is done for you but you have limited choices to pick from), I seriously recommend a good wedding planner. She (I’ve not met a male wedding planner) will be a source of comfort and reassurance to you and she’ll take away as much stress as possible. And a wedding is definitely one of the most stressful events in one’s lifetime.

I’m meeting Ivy, Patricia, DJ Beryl who’s also my MC and Fruitcake (matron of honour) at Passion Road tomorrow to discuss colour schemes and set up arrangements.

5 ½ months to the wedding! Thank goodness I’m just involved in planning one of them. Even 1 wedding with the help of a wedding planner is tough enough. If I were to plan all 3, I’d probably need 3 wedding planners and even then may still tear my hair out.

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