Monday, May 05, 2008

A New Lamp

One day, the reading lamp next to my bed side table started smoking. As in, smoke literally floated out of the top of the lamp. Paul yelled that I should switch it off and said that the lamp needs to be replaced.

But how can my poor lamp come to the end of its life span so quickly? I bought it from Ikea just 8 years ago. The Ikea TV commercial where the broken lamp got put in the rain came to mind. Don’t lamps last longer than that? Apparently not, especially those from Ikea. I still felt a bit sad. That lamp served me well and was there to shine a light every night while I read before bed. I know. I know. I get too attached to inanimate objects.

So Paul & I went to look for a new lamp in Ikea. There were some pretty good deals but those under RM100 were ugly or too flimsy. So we went to all the other home & electrical stores in Ikano and the Curve but none of them sold reading lamps!

The next day, we went to the SS2 square as there are lots of light shops there. I like Galaxy. They are small but they have very competitive process but they didn’t carry reading lamps. So I went to Maruzen next door. They had reading lamps but they were incredibly ugly. So I ended up buying a table lamp but it was bright enough to function as a reading lamp too.

Until you need one, you don’t realize that it’s not that easy to buy reading lamps.

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