Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fairy Wings for a Fairy Wedding

For the past few weeks, I’ve been so busy with:

- work (and trying to get out of it)

- selling one property and buying another

- planning the renovation works and purchase of electrical goods, fixtures and fitting for the place that’s been bought

that I’ve not had time to plan for the wedding.

But Patricia is great and I can’t stress enough now important a good wedding planner is to the bride and groom if you’re not planning on a cookie cutter wedding.

We emailed each other info and discussed about the flowers, colour themes, what makes a good florist, type of hair style to suits the theme, invitation cards, décor to enhance the photography, performances, what attracts fairies to a place and so much more.

We also discussed the fairy wings which I want to wear for the weddings and possibly the bridesmaids will also have wings of their own.

I want them pretty big …. Think Victoria Secret!

While those have a stunning visual effect, they’re also cumbersome and maybe be heavy if worn for more than 30 seconds on the runway.

I also checked out these websites:

and found some lovely wings. Check them out:

They're so sweet. I can't wait to start making the wings! I'll have inputs for the design but Patricia will be in charge of ensuring that they are light enough to be pinned onto the dress that they 'flutter' while I walk. So exciting!

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