Friday, May 16, 2008

One White Man Can Create A Lot Of Shit

Because of one white man who thinks he’s the king of the world and everyone should jump when he snaps his fingers and because he sat on making a decision for one week, my entire team and I now have 1 day, rather than 1 week, to prepare stimulus materials for a research we’re doing next week.

The team almost had to come back to work this weekend and even on Monday which is Wesak Day, a public holiday.

But I just didn’t think it would be fair to deprive people of the long awaited long weekend especially when they may have planned holidays or be with friends and loved ones.

Especially since we could have started work last week and have done everything up at an even pace.

Well, the Singapore team is working right now and over the next few days. But I told them to send us the stuff via the FTP site when they are done, then only we’ll start work on our end. Hopefully that happens end Monday so that we only have to start work on Tuesday morning even though everything is needed by noon on Wednesday.

Sigh. Some people just can’t get their shit together and expects everyone to drop everything and clean their shit.

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