Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saatchi Is Killing My Soul

It’s really hard to do work when the brief changes every 10 minutes.

We’re given TV scripts to translate to Chinese and Korean. We proceed to do so when the bosses change the English scripts. Translations start all over again. We then proceed to recording (and it’s really hard to find male Korean V/O talents in KL!) and they change the script again! The revised scripts will not be ready till midnight and it’s being done in Singapore. And we’re expected to do the translation, re-record, strip in into animatics and courier the materials off to Korea by 4pm tomorrow. Freaking insane.

Worst thing is that they only create the problems but they won’t lift a finger to help when it’s really their ass on the line.

Yes it’s all those white men again. Only now, it’s 6 white men instead of one.

One even asked me if he’s torturing me. I told him yes and that he should stay away from KL in the future cos he’s making my life hell.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m so responsible and passionate about work. I almost kill myself getting a job done at times.

But without passion, a job is just a job. And to me, a job should be more than that. I’m losing my passion. Saatchi is killing my soul. It’s time to go.


Fieran said...

I know what you mean. It is unfortunate that you pay such a big price just because you are passionate about what you do. Hang in there though, things will look up.

Bubbles said...

It is indeed. Passion doesn't pay. But without passion, life isn't worth living. Thank u. I hope things get better soon too.