Tuesday, May 06, 2008

In Clubbing Retirement Mode But Still In Club Lists

I really and truly am retired from clubbing. After our dinner on last Friday, Salt Boy asked me out for drinks at J&R and I said no. I rather go home and watch a movie! That’s how retired I am. The retirement started, stopped, started but it’s definitely here to stay.

When I first started my Non-Clubbing modes 1,2, 3, 4 and Final ,Zouk called me to tell me that I’m on their permanent guest list. I never needed it anyway since regulars usually just walk in. But it was just ironic that it happened after I retired.

Now that I’m truly into my retirement mode and only drink once a month and even then only if I really have to due to work or obligations to friend, Modesto’s calls me. They’re opening a new outlet in TTDI Plaza and they’re sending me an invite for a sneak peak as well as an invite to their launch. Can’t remember the details as the girl who called had a funny accent. Will just have to wait for the actual invite to arrive. Thought the era of Modesto’s was over but they must be planning a revival.

I’ve retired for about a year but apparently my name and numbers are still in the various clubs lists.

Guess clubbing for 15 years doesn’t allow for easy retirement.

I think I may go for the Modesto’s launch after all. Not that it means that I’m out of retirement.


aruri said...

I get tired even by watching people go clubbing on television... hahaha.
By the way, I just listed my handmade cards on a website!! And I sold 5 since last Thursday! I was so excited. (Alcohol and trance music could never get me this high I tell you) Check them out at www.aruricards.etsy.com. Do you think I can make it in KL?

Bubbles said...

Congrats! I'm happy for u. Cute cards! I'll commission u to do up a scrap book for my wedding :)

KL is possible for sure. Oh since our conversation, I've been looking out for more scarp booking shops and I've found quite a few more in big malls like Bangsar Village II and 1 Utama, apart from the one we were discussing at The Curve.

I'll bring u round when u r in Kl next!

aruri said...

Cool! I've never stepped into 1Utama since 1999, believe it or not...hahaha.

Bubbles said...

Well, u don't live in KL so u have an excuse. If u did, and lived specifically in PJ, you'll be in 1U several times a month! Come to KL and I'll bring u round to the malls and the scrap booking shops. :)